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New GD 2500Q HDF Pump

Stable, robust, and durable, the GD 2500Q Heavy Duty Frame (HDF) quintuplex pump was designed to extend pump service life through an optimized power end frame design.

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Petroleum and Industrial Pumps

Mud Pumps PZ 2400 PZ 2000 PZ Series Trailblazer PAH
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Stimulation/Fracturing Pumps GD 3000 GD 2500Q HDF GD 2250T GD C2500 Thunder Triplex Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex
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Well Service Pumps GD 1600 GD 600 GD Compact HD GD 1000Q HD GD 250 GD 2250T TEE PAH
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Horizontal Directional Drilling Pumps GD 250HDD GD 800HDD THE
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Production & Industrial Pumps Duplex Steam Pumps FX Industrial Pumps Oilfield & Industrial Pumps
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Centrifugal Pumps Centrifugal Pumps
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Fluid Ends/Modules Fluid Ends GDNX 7500 HD Module
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Hydrostatic Testing Pumps
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Consumables Valve & Seats Packing Plungers Pistons Mud Pump Valves & Seats
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Innovation needs purpose. But where others stop at simply understanding their clients’ needs, we push further to anticipate them — and create solutions on their behalf.

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